bar ferdinand bull

Bar Ferdiand, El Camino Real

Everything you need to know about Owen Kamihira according to the staff at Bar Ferdinand . . .

Owen is actually Owen's only name
{ in the manner of 'Cher' or 'Prince }.

Owen decided to give himself a last name at the age of 22, by using the leftover letters from a game of Scrabble.

Owen Kamihira has an extensive collection of classic cars with
an estimated worth of eleven dollars.

Owen Kamihira
decides Fate.

If you cut down Owen Kamihira,
two more grow in his place.

Owen Kamihira is a dog person.

Burt Reynoldss credibility as an actor and a chest-hair record holder was destroyed by Owen Kamihira.

The abbreviation 'O.K.' is derived from
Owen Kamihira. { i.e. 'It's O.K' }.

The flavor 'whiskey' is based on
Owen Kamihira's blood type,
which is 'whiskey'.

Owen Kamihira's first and only love is Doritos.

Owen Kamihira was born under a bad sign.

Owen Kamihira
excretes restaurants.

Owen Kamihira has
given birth.